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ALC Driving - Prices, Terms and Conditions

ALC Driving is a privately owned driving tuition business. I am not part of any driving franchise and this is reflected in my prices. I am a Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and was trained by the The Learner Driver Training Centre, but bought myself out of their franchise.

Lower prices does not mean lower quality! Franchise fees mean that many instructors have to charge much more for their lessons; just to ensure they cover those hundreds of pounds of fees per month. I am able to keep my prices low, as I do not have such expenditure.


My basic hourly rate is 28 per hour, however I offer a discounted first two hours. A Breakdown of my tuition fees and prices are listed below:

Option One - First Two Hours for 20: This is the Starter Package that I offer to new pupils. The First two hours are spent with the new pupil to assess their ability and see if they feel comfortable in the car with me as an instructor!

Option Two - 1 Hour of Driving Tuition for 28: Not the best choice, as the recap before the lesson and the de-brief at the end, means that the actual driving is much less than one hour. However, sometimes it is necessary when work or school commitments only permit it. There is no limit on this as an option.

Option Three - 2 Hours for 56: For pupils who wish to pay as they go, this is the more economical option. It means more time behind the wheel, as it only involves one recap at the start of the lesson and one de-brief at the end, so we can get on with the main objective - driving! There is no limit on this as an option.

Option Three - 10 Hours for 250: For pupils who wish to pay for their lessons in a block, this is the most economical option. Lessons must be taken 2hrs at a time and must be taken within 6 months of payment. There is no limit on this as an option.

Notice Period - I operate a one strike rule for lesson cancellations. I need at least 48hrs notice for lesson cancellation, otherwise fees are charged.

What the DSA has to say about Driving Tuition - The Driving Standards Agency, recommends that pupils have a minimum of 40 hrs paid instruction with an ADI instructor and 40hrs private tuition with a parent or guardian. However, everyone is different - for some people who are 'naturals' driving comes easily! Unfortunately though, some people also take a little longer!!

If you would like to know whether I teach in your area please send an email to ALC Driving.